Custom Laser Services


Here at Laser Moon, we aim to become the place where your ideas, art and memories can become a treasure to keep forever! The power of a Laser can cut and engrave nearly anything you imagine!

Turn something like this -> Kid’s drawing or hand print, Sonogram Photo, Favorite Logo, Doodle, Poem or Song Lyrics, Idea

Into one of these-> Plaque, Keychain, Jewelry, Sign, Decoration, Ornament, and so much more!

Materials can include a HUGE selection of clear, translucent and opaque acrylics, as well as anodized metals, some tile surfaces, wood and leather!

Prices vary on size, material and complexity! Find out how our prices are competitively low with a quote!

For a specific quote and more information about your project please call, stop by the shop or contact us online!